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Warranty declaration


The SKAN HOLZ Europe GmbH (in the following: SKAN HOLZ) grants the buyer, provided that he is a consumer in the sense of § 13 BGB (German Civil Code), for private use on the SKAN HOLZ product purchased in Germany or in Austria from an authorized dealer, a durability guarantee of 5 years, beginning with the date of sale of the SKAN HOLZ product to the buyer under the following conditions and under the further conditions.

This warranty promise shall be governed exclusively by German law, to the exclusion of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, insofar as this does not conflict with mandatory national Austrian law.


2.1 The warranty promise extends exclusively to wooden parts and

- to defects that occur as material defects of the wood despite proper care by the buyer based on the care instructions enclosed with the SKAN HOLZ product;

- to design-related defects that occur as material or manufacturing defects in the product despite proper erection by the purchaser in accordance with the assembly instructions enclosed with the SKAN HOLZ product;

- to defects in the stability of the SKAN HOLZ product which, despite proper erection by the purchaser in accordance with the

The installation instructions enclosed with the SKAN HOLZ product and in compliance with the preconditions described therein must be observed.

Proper foundation of a proper foundation as a material or manufacturing defect in the product.


If defects described above occur within the warranty period of 5 years, SKAN HOLZ will, at its own discretion, replace or repair the SKAN HOLZ product either in whole or in part by supplying replacement parts. SKAN HOLZ is entitled to have the purchaser's warranty claims fulfilled by third parties.

Further claims from this warranty do not exist. In particular, the warranty does not grant any liability for consequential damages and expenses of the buyer or third parties.

SKAN HOLZ points out that wood is a building material that naturally reacts to climatic changes. Depending on the environmental conditions, this can lead to - usually only temporary - structural changes in the wood. Such changes, which may e.g. lead to a slight impairment of the flushness and tightness (especially in the case of wooden doors or windows), are generally not considered to be a defect in the sense of this warranty. Properties of the wood such as e.g. natural swelling and shrinkage behavior during absorption or Natural swelling and shrinkage behavior when absorbing or releasing moisture, slight twisting and cracking, dry and end grain cracks, natural grain and knots, resin seepage, slight unevenness in the wood, tree edges, settling and heaving, dimensional accuracy, changes in cross-section, technically caused processing marks such as planing impacts, discoloration or torn cut edges, which can occur due to the different properties of the raw wood, but also prescribed roller stamps are also generally not considered a defect in the sense of this warranty.

2.2 Warranty liability is excluded in the following cases:

- The purchaser is obliged to check the SKAN HOLZ product for completeness of the individual parts and recognizable defects before assembly. The warranty does not cover defects caused by the fact that the purchaser used parts of the SKAN HOLZ product during assembly that are obviously defective or damaged;

- for such defects, which are based on the fact that the buyer assembles the SKAN HOLZ product despite the incompleteness of the individual parts;

- for such defects, which are due to storage and / or transport of the SKAN HOLZ product;

- for such defects which are due to the fact that the buyer does not observe the care instructions enclosed with the SKAN HOLZ product, in particular does not regularly apply necessary protective coatings or check the threaded rods (in the case of log houses).


- for such defects which are due to assembly errors or to modifications made to the kit by the purchaser (such as additions or changes to the kit).

conversions) are based;

- in the event of improper use of the SKAN HOLZ product (in particular, the SKAN HOLZ product is only intended for a private

Use provided);

- Damage caused by defects in the substrate used, e.g. moisture accumulation in the wood due to inadequate foundation;

- Damage resulting from defects in improper foundations or anchorages;

- Damage due to snow load if the buyer uses a kit that falls below the snow load bearing capacity specified for the place of construction;

- ordinary wear and tear;

- Defects caused by force majeure (e.g. lightning strike, hailstorm, storm from wind force 7, inadequate, excessive

snow loads, roof avalanches), mechanical action, building moisture or corresponding circumstances.

2.3 The statutory product liability and warranty rights shall remain unaffected by this warranty and shall exist independently of the claim under the warranty.


Warranty claims must be made in writing (e-mail or fax is sufficient) to SKAN HOLZ , enclosing a copy of the purchase receipt with the date of purchase and the item list enclosed with the kit immediately (within 7 days at the latest) after the defect has occurred. The claims are to be addressed to:

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