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Assembly & mounting: This is how it's done.

In our video tutorials we show you in an easy to understand way how to build up your work step by step and get a great result.

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SKAN HOLZ Configurator

Standard products are usually nice, but you often have to bury too many wishful thinking or make compromises. The configurator from SKAN HOLZ is a real asset. It was developed to implement individual ideas and is uncomplicated and easy to use for customers.


SKAN HOLZ Log house "St. Moritz

The house St. Moritz, which we want to build, comes from our 45plus series. All houses of this type are made of 45mm thick logs with windproof chalet joints in the corners, insulated doors and windows with window plates on the outside.



The video explains the construction of a carport, which was planned by ourselves with the help of our online configurator. This carport was drawn completely individually according to the planning specifications of the builder. After completion of the planning, the documents can be printed out and ordered using the planning number, as well as to obtain information from the building authority about any building application that may be required.